Chakra Meditation

Are you interested in learning more about chakras and how they relate to each aspect of your physical, emotional and mental well being?  Each chakra has colour, sound and vibrational energy. By meditating on the chakras, much healing can take place.

Meditation is a way of calming and balancing the body, mind and spirit. It is a way of getting in touch with your innermost feelings and thoughts. It can relieve, stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.


Using the chakra system, which is the energy system of the body, I assist you to connect to each different chakra in your body while allowing your mind to let go of the “roof chatter” By using the chakra system, we are able to clear physical, mental and emotional aspects that may be blocked in each chakra. Meditating while connecting to each chakra allows us to clear all residue.

Duration: Approximately 2 hrs.

$199 for 5 week course.
Contact Sandi for class schedule and to reserve your space.