Shortt’s Shorts

These are a collection of one-page articles condensed from the literature to give you a quick description of each oil’s amazing powers.

Shortt’s Shorts: Chakra Meditation “Meditation is a practice and a way of using the mind that opens up a huge amount of potential within you.”

Shortt’s Shorts: Citrus Citrus ‘Sunshine in a Bottle”

Shortt’s Shorts: Copaiba Essential Oil “The Liquid Gold of Essential Oils”

Shortt’s Shorts: Essential Oils “Essential Oils are essentially the plant’s immune system in a bottle.”

About the Shortt’s Shorts: Feelings Kit (download the entire kit here)

Feelings Kit Add-ons:

Shortt’s Shorts:  Frankincense Essential Oil “The King of Oils!”

Shortt’s Shorts: Lemon Essential Oil “Love for Lemon”

Shortt’s Shorts: Peppermint “One drop of YL’s Peppermint is equal to 28 peppermint tea bags!”

Shortt’s Shorts: Purification “Purify your air without putting chemicals there!”

Shortt’s Shorts: Respiratory Care “Keep your airways open with R.C. and BREATHE with EASE.”

Shortt’s Shorts: Thieves Essential Oil “Keep the flu bug out of your inner sanctuary.”

Shortt’s Shorts: Thieves Hand Sanitizer “Are you prepared to leave the house?”

Shortt’s Shorts: Thieves Household Cleaning Kit “Your home is your sanctuary; make it safe for children, adults and pets.”

Shortt’s Shorts: White Angelica “Provides a protective bubble of love and positivity!”